Morningview HOA Pool Information

  Water Slide

  Main pool and water slide

   Kiddie pool and water playground

    Serenity Pool

The pool is closed for the season.

Pool Rules

All persons use the pool at their own risk.

Lifeguards have the authority to deny the use of the pool to anyone at any time. Failure to comply with the rules outlined below could result in an ejection from the facility.

Every adult entering the pool must show identification with the adult’s name and MorningView address which matches the MorningView address on file.  If your identification has your name but does not display a MorningView address, then 
you must provide an additional identification (utility bill, car registration, closing documents, etc.) that has your name and your MorningView address.  If you cannot provide evidence that you reside in the community, entrance to the pool 
area will not be permitted.

Teenagers without identification must be checked in by their parent/guardian. The parent/guardian may opt to leave a picture of the teenager with the gate guard. Doing so, 
allows the teenager to check in on their own for future trips to the pool.

  1. MV ID Tags must be visible and may be periodically checked by lifeguards. No members are allowed to use the pool without a current MV tag and will be asked to leave if such tag is not provided for inspection.
    • Children under age 12 are not allowed in the pool area without a parent, guardian, or sibling over the age of 16 with a MV ID tag.
    • Residents aged 12 to 16 with tags are allowed up to two guests.
    • Residents aged 16 to 21 with tags are allowed up to four guests.
    • Adult residents are allowed up to six people per household.
  2. All children in the kiddie pool require direct parental attention.
  3. No children under the age of 3 are allowed in any pool without a swim diaper ($500 fine).
  4. No glass is allowed in the pool area ($500 fine).
  5. No diving (outside of swim team lessons).
  6. No running, rough play, or horseplay is allowed in the pool area.
  7. No inappropriate language or actions.
  8. No manipulating pool equipment.
  9. No chairs in the pool. All pool furniture and equipment must remain on the pool deck.
  10. No large flotation devices.
  11. No food or drink in the pool.
  12. No smoking anywhere in the facility.
  13. No animals.
  14. All pools are closed during swim meets.
  15. Residents and guests are responsible for keeping the pool area clean.
  16. Swimsuits are required to swim and for showering in the amenity area.
  17. During lifeguard breaks, the pool must be cleared. Once the pool has been cleared, only those 18 years or older are allowed back into the pool during lifeguard breaks.
  18. Water slide Rules - The water slide rules are posted adjacent to the slide. Any violation of the water slide rules will result in a denial of use of the water slide or ejection from the facility.
  19. No spitting, spouting of water or blowing nose while in pool.
  20. Lifeguard has final say in regards to pool rules and pool closures.
  21. First Aid Kit available at lifeguard station.
  22. All personal items must be removed daily.
  23. No one under 18 in the pool after 9 pm.
  24. No one under 15 in the kiddie Pool without direct parental attendance.  Small children have the right of way.
  25. No one with open wounds or communicable diseases transmitted by water.  
  26. No personal tents or umbrellas are allowed.
  27. The Adult pool is a quiet area for wading only. There is no lifeguard on duty.  No children 14 and under allowed without adult supervision.  No swimming, loud vocal disruptions, boisterous activities, running/jumping/splashing/diving or pool toys/balls allowed.